Sunday, October 7, 2012

I take this picture on Saturday in the afternoon at Los Angeles. The moment I look outside in the cars with my family I told myself to get out my iPhone and take the picture of the road for my blog. The sky was light pink and orange-yellow; the cars had their headlight on. The road was shining with little light that you could even see a person walking on the sidewalk. The stop light was even change color to yellow, so the cars can slow down before the color red made the cars stop. The clouds look like they are move from one place to any other and the trees look like they are move to the right.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Routes of Man

  • In "Forest Primeval to Park Avenue", in "The Routes of Man", Ted Conover argues that in a place people can find thing from different places that are interesting even if the people look wealthy or underprivileged. The roads can take people to places that are beauty or places who been abandoned.

  • In "Road or Not a Road", in "The Routes of Man", Ted Conover argues that the object in life is not what it seem if people look with in themselves. The roads and life are similar because it takes people in different places even when they know it could be worthy or immoral.

  • In "Slipping from Shangri-La", in "The Routes of Man", Ted Conover argues that the path can get hard to walk on because there is a lot of obstacles and rough point in life that does not make it easy to face through it. The only ways people can face their demons is by fighting them and finding a way round to making it worth being there.

  • In "Road Ecology", in "The Routes of Man", Ted Conover argues that the road has taken him to different places that are treasured in many ways of the world. Conover look at humans and animals life in a valuable from because they are not so different in live and surviving life.

Ted Conover uses many rhetorical modes in the first four chapters of "The Routes of Man"

Description- Conover use description in the four chapters in detail the place he been to, people are doing and how his surroundings seem to look.

Definition- Conover use definition in the four chapters in many different ways like foreign place, the language people speak and the meaning behind his surroundings.

Cause/Effect- Conover use cause/effect in the four chapters by examples how the roads made look understand the obstacles he had to fight and pass through them.

Exemplification- Conover use exemplification in the four chapters by giving examples of what he is experience through the roads.

Argument- Conover use argument in the four chapters by giving fact about the road that he can show and to backup what he went through his experience.

Compare/contrast- Conover use compare/contrast in the four chapters when he talk about how different place like Puerto Maldonado and the west are.

Narration- Conover use narration in the four chapters by telling stories of the places he be to and his experience.

Process Analysis- Conover use process analysis in the four chapters explaining how step he take to see behind his nose and to understand how people are different to each other.